Chelsea Leventhal

Lost Times

Site-specific sound and light installation, commissioned by Galerie im Körnerpark / Kultur Neukölln.
The installation Lost Times highlights the experience of the change of seasons and daylight savings time in Körnerpark as a microcosm of a greater confrontation with presence and absence, action and inaction, and light and darkness. Under the southeast stairs of the entrance to Körnerpark at the end of Rübelandstrasse, evening passersby happen upon a composition of sound and image. Referencing the park’s fountain, drained for the winter, sounds of rushing water emerge from inside the pump house. There are moments in which recordings of everyday life made in the neighborhood can also be detected, and others where the sound composition seems to threaten to dissolve into white noise. The moving light in the windows takes on different connotations in combination with the sound, from possible evidence of human activity or the sinister presence of computer and TV screens to simply an apparition of the fountain itself, hibernating for the winter.