Chelsea Leventhal


Site-specific 4-channel sound and light installation presented in the offices of Hi-Res! Agency Berlin for the exhibition Resonanz: Klang.Kunst.Gesellschaft.
Disquietude is a sound installation that explores the phenomenological and emotional experience of eavesdropping, as well as the trope of surveillance in our collective imagination. The installation is a site-specific intervention based on a confrontation between the visitor and a closed door outfitted with the archetypical eavesdropping device a water glass. Standing in front of the door, the listener can first hear faint, muffled sounds of voices from within and see shadows moving. Stooping to press their ear against the glass, they experience an amplified and clearer signal. With listening at the door as its starting point, this installation, a work of fiction, invites the listener to consider the implications and inherent vulnerability of the act.